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African dishes are diverse, and remain deeply entrenched in local customs and traditions. Although various regions have distinctive dishes, preparation techniques and ingredients, most dishes are common to many regions across the continent. Combining nutritious ingredients, time tested recipes and superior culinary skills, Urban Okra serves the finest selection of street food from across the African continent.

Carefully sourced herbs, spices and ingredients

No other continent has more tasty, varied and earthy flavours than Africa. Using carefully sourced spices, herbs and ingredients from across Africa, we carefully craft and slow-cook our street food dishes, to evoke the true flavours and taste of Africa.

Heavily influenced by our passion for delicious and sumptuous African street food, we keep our cooking traditional and simple. This allows the superior quality of our dishes to speak for itself. Our food quality team also ensures the highest food and health and safety standards are adhered to.

At Urban Okra, we are dedicated to celebrating Africa’s best. Supercharge your taste-buds today! Eat delicious traditional African food at one of our locations across London.

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Craving for our sumptuous food? We are excited to be partnering with Just Eat, Hungry House and UberEats, to bring your favourite African dishes, directly to your home or office. Ready to tuck in? Click on the button below to see our delivery menu and find out how to order.

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We cater for weddings, office parties, large corporate events, family and private get-togethers, group celebrations and other special events. Our catering services can be tailored to fit in with your ideas, budget, dietary or other special requirements. Need more information? Click on the button below to find out how we can make your event a success.

Taste true flavours!

Experience taste bud cheering African food at one of our locations today or order food for delivery. Get ready for a hearty, tasty dish!

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